Bibles, Churches


We hold hundreds of bibles in stock and on display

Christians believe that the Bible was written by people who were inspired by God. This makes it the single point of reference to understand our faith. We want to make the Bible accessible to as many people as possible so we hold in stock a large selection of formats:

  • Poetical King James Version
  • Pocket bibles to read on the train
  • Presentation bibles for special occasions
  • Slim-line, picture or large print bibles
  • Study bibles with articles and maps to help explain the historical context
  • Childrens’ bible with colourful pictures and key passages
  • Modern language and paraphrased translations allowing it to be read more like a novel, and with covers that make you less conspicious in public!

Bible explained

Reference books to explain the bible in detail

The Bible is so much easier to understand and interpret when someone explains it to you.

Many of our reference books assume no previous knowledge whilst other books concentrate on a single section of the bible in great detail.

Atlases and photographs of the Holy Land help you see the places that are being talked about. Browse our shelves to find the right book for you.

Bible encountered

Havering Christian Bookshop exists to help people draw closer to God. Listed below is a small selection of local churches where we hope you will find the Bible put into practice.